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Unit Heaters - Optimal Solutions
for Your Heating Needs

Our portfolio of services at Five Star Heating includes the expert installation, maintenance, and repair of unit heaters, offering a versatile and efficient heating solution for both residential and commercial spaces. Unit heaters are an excellent choice for heating garages, workshops, warehouses, and other large or difficult-to-heat areas, providing targeted warmth where it’s needed most.

  • Custom Installation: Our experienced team will assess your space to recommend and install the most suitable unit heater model that aligns with your heating requirements and budget. We ensure seamless integration into your existing HVAC system for optimal performance.
  • Routine Maintenance and Prompt Repairs: To guarantee your unit heater operates efficiently and reliably, Five Star Heating provides thorough maintenance services. We also offer rapid response for repairs to minimize downtime and restore warmth to your environment swiftly.
  • Energy-Saving Advice: In line with our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, we’ll guide you on the best practices to operate your unit heater economically. Our aim is to help you achieve significant energy savings while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Why Trust Five Star Heating with Your Unit Heater Installation and Service?

At Five Star Heating, we’re committed to enhancing the functionality and comfort of your spaces through high-quality heating solutions. Our skilled professionals are equipped with the knowledge and tools to ensure your unit heater installation and service are executed to the highest standards. With Five Star Heating, you can expect a blend of outstanding customer service, technical expertise, and aftercare support.

For an efficient, reliable heating solution tailored to your needs, turn to Five Star Heating. Contact us today to discuss your unit heater requirements and discover how we can help you achieve a warmer, more efficient space.